Field Sales Solution: Checklist of Essential Features

A Field Sales solution with features such as lead management, pre-planned talks list, attendance, navigation, route tracking, etc is critical in driving productivity and performance tracking of field team members.

Field sales visits are indispensable even in the Hyper Digital Age

Sales processes have seen a complete cycle of evolution from Physical sales to Telephonic sales to Email-based selling and now Digital sales. With growing technology adoption among consumers, several tasks are carried out without a physical visit. For example, Payment is collected digitally, and document verifications using soft copies and use of digital product catalogs.

Field Sales person
Field Sales person

New-age buyers are more aspirational and bring in a new set of demands:

  1. Buying Experience
  2. Convenience
  3. Omni-channel presence

Additionally, while the digital space is overcrowded, businesses are increasingly focusing on face-to-face sales:

  • Differentiation
  • Customer Trust
  • Propensity to Buy

Key challenges in managing the field workforce

Sales managers have a tough time managing and tracking the performance of work done by field teams on the one hand while enabling good processes and solutions on the other. Working without a field management solution. While CRM solutions over the past 2 decades had organized in-house sales processes, field sales have been solved yet entirely.

Field Sales team members carry out lot of activities and tasks
Field Sales team members carry out a lot of activities and tasks
  • Too much Manual admin work (Find Location, Take notes, Update Information, product catalog, etc)
  • Multiple data entries (Meeting notes are updated in CRM separately)
  • Unstructured Data Collection (WhatsApp, Notes app, Notebook, Emails used to record the conversation)
  • Poor Visit planning
  • Inability to track and validate visits
  • Delayed or unattended service
  • Limited performance tracking of team members

8 must-have features to supercharge field sales

  1. Mobile-based field management solution: Onboard your sales team onto a comprehensive mobile field sales solution to enable all tasks to be performed through this solution
  2. Pre-planned Task List: Rather than leaving it up to the Field team member to plan their daily route and prioritize their visits, which is often inefficient, the system should have the capability to create a daily task list and route planning for field team members
  3. In-app navigation and communication: As part of every visit, field team members have to perform certain actions like map navigation, and communicate with customers on Call or WhatsApp. A field sales solution integrating these apps within the app itself saves crucial time and swift transition for actions
  4. Location & Route tracking: Enabling managers to validate team member visit locations and properly enforcing route maps will ensure timely visits, better customer experience, and performance tracking
  5. Attendance and Auto-reimbursement: As field teams operate mostly away from the office with infrequent visits, having a login and checkout within the field sales solution is of great benefit. Additionally, automated reimbursement for field operations by calculating the distance traveled will ease the task of finance teams from paperwork.
  6. Lead Management: With lead management capability, field team members can manage all their tasks to access customer information, retrieve past conversations, add remarks and update lead disposition is a boon to serving the customer quickly.
  7. Dynamic Disposition Interface: This feature will save a lot of time and make sales conversations very swift. Dynamic content forms changing dispositions and removed any subjectivity in the information collected from customers. The system prompts what relevant information is to be captured basis the interest level of the customer, Reschedule, Interested, or Not Available.
  8. Dynamic Lead Allocation: Automate lead allocation using pre-defined business rules in the system. For high-velocity sales, real-time lead allocations can be done by seeking any field member's live location and allocating a relevant lead from a nearby area.
Field Sales Mobile App
Field Sales Mobile App

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