Grow Cx Relationships Without IT Support

The no-code Sales CRM, tailored for SMBs. Realize improved productivity from day one.

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You’ll be in good company

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Why use Chakra Sales

A CRM that adapts to your business, instead of you adapting to it.

Spreadsheets don’t scale

While its easy to get started with spreadsheets - business owners frequently run into issues like data duplication, lack of history and manual data entry

No IT / Developer Support needed

It is intuitive to setup and use Chakra CRM. We actively help you to customise your instance if documentation does not suffice

All features in starter plan

Other CRMs offer a lower initial price and then force you to upgrade to expensive plans after onboarding. Chakra’s starter plan has access to all features including enterprise grade features.

How it works

Get started with your own custom crm in a few simple seps


Import leads

Upload your sheet of leads/deals to get started


Configure Email

Sync your email and setup nurture campaigns


Monitor growth

With revenue forecasts and activity reports

Key Features


Track changes to leads/deals, calls, emails and automations in a single timeline view


Capture notes for leads, deals and contacts to keep track of important information

Email Campaigns

Nurture leads with sequence based email campaigns

Email Sync

Sync your email to keep track of emails and leads from a single place

Sales Reports

Apart from standard sales reports - you can create your won custom reports & dashboards

Automated Assignment

Assign leads and deals automatically on a round-robin or load-balanced basis

Notifications & Reminders

Get notified of important events like when leads are assigned to you or when a deal is won/lost

Custom Layouts

Modify the layout details screens to show information that is important to your business

Web Forms

Create embeddable lead collection forms using our no-code builder

Auto Lead Capture

Automatically capture leads from your website and social media platforms

User Access Control

Have granular control over who can access what data

Mobile App

Access all features on the go from your mobile devices

Start your free trial today

Try Chakra Sales for 21 days. No credit card required.

Key Modules


  • Bulk import / export
  • Customizable Fields
  • Detailed History


  • Pipeline views
  • Deal Forecasting
  • Deduplication


  • Model companies/accounts
  • Business specific fields
  • Multiple phone numbers/email addresses


  • Auto sync to/from phone
  • Deduplication
  • Create Contact groups

Tasks + Reminders

  • State specific tasks
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Calendar view for tasks


  • Sequence builder
  • Click + Open tracking
  • Re-usable email templates

Native Mobile App

Access your leads and deals while on the go

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Platform Features

Buil on an extensible platform to support your growing needs and complexity

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Custom Objects

Access your sales info on the go from Chakra's native mobile app. Collaboprate via realtime notifcations, collect and use geolocation data.

APIs, Webhooks & Plugins

Use Chakra's robust APIs and plugin ecosystem to integrate with your existing tools and tech stack.

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Easily add your own branding to Chakra Sales and make it your own.

Leads Handled
Automations Run
Productive Users


Is a sales CRM suitable for 1-2 member team?

Yes, sales CRM is even more useful for small teams. It helps you automate repetivive tasks like sending emails and messages. It also helps you stay on top of your sales pipeline via reminders and alerts. Making your small team more productive.

Can I automate entry of leads from my website?

You can easily push leads from your website to Chakra Sales CRM via our lead form integration plugin

Do I need to hire a partner or developer to implement Chakra Sales?

You can easily setup Chakra Sales CRM on your own. If you need any help, our team will be happy to guide you on chat or email.

Can I import my existing leads and deals?

Yes, you can import your existing leads and deals by using the bulk upload feature. Please get in touch with us for help regarding migration

Can I use Chakra Sales CRM for free?

Yes, you can use Chakra Sales CRM for free for upto 2 users. You can also try out all the features of Chakra Sales CRM for free for 21 days.