WhatsApp first CRM, Sales and Customer Support

Intuitive real-time conversations help you sell faster. Forget calls, emails, forms and inflexible processes. Manage all your customer conversations through WhatsApp

Not on WhatsApp yet? You are missing out

WhatsApp has become the primary channel of communication between businesses and customers. Here's why

WhatsApp 400 Million Users

400+ million WhatsApp Users

India has the largest WhatsApp user base in the world

WhatsApp - 5+ Million businesses

5+ Million Businesses

1 Billion global users interact with businesses on WhatsApp

WhatsApp - 20 hours per week

20 hours per week

Users spend more time on WhatsApp than other apps combined

WhatsApp - 98% open rate

98% Open Rate

WhatsApp messages have an open rate of 4X compared to Emails

WhatsApp - Free for users

WhatsApp is Free

Users don't have to pay for using WhatsApp

WhatsApp - All user groups

Globally Preffered

WhatsApp is available in 180 countries, 60 languages

What does WhatsApp have to offer?

Personalised, contextual buying experience

  • Have heartful chat conversations with leads, present them with a curated catalog of your products and offerings.
  • Customers love interactive rich media messages that keep them hooked with your latest promotions and offers they shouldn’t miss.

Faster Sales velocity, Quality Engagement, Lower Manpower

  • Instantaneous conversations with customers prevent the lead leakage
  • Chat conversations with leads helps gather lead information and requirements faster, and helps in faster pitch, and conversion

Collect customer information with ease

  • Do away with forms, photo uploads, emails and complex processes.
  • Collect rich media information such as location, audio, documents etc.

Introducing ChakraHQ WhatsApp Conversation Platform

Sales, Marketing and Support conversations with your customers on WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp - Marketing

    Marketing Communications

    Promotional campaigns, broadcasts, upsell and cross-sell

  • WhatsApp - Sales

    Conversational Sales

    Lead generation, automated cadences and user journeys

  • WhatsApp - Operations and Scheduling

    Operations and Scheduling

    Schedule appointments, service requests, collect payments

  • WhatsApp - Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Tracking info, refunds & exchanges through conversations

  • WhatsApp - Onboarding

    Customer Onboarding

    Collect and verify documents, activate users

  • WhatsApp - Chatbots

    Automated Conversations

    Handle post-business hour conversations through chatbots