Sell Fast, Sell More with ChakraHQ Sales

Sales and Onboarding on autopilot with ChakraHQ Sales
  • Your sales processes orchestrated as workflows
  • Sell faster by migrating your team to Chakra Sales
  • Do more with your existing resources

Why ChakraHQ?

ChakraHQ Sales is your Game Changer

Traditional CRM's do not meet the needs of the modern enterprise - 

Customer acquisition as your competitive advantage - Adding new lead channels is a daily activityTime is of utmost essence in this ultra-fast business world - Automating mundane tasks is business criticalLearning and redevelopment needs to be frequent - Experimentation in your Sales SOP is non-negotiable
Reliable, Real-time lead ingestion into Chakra

Connect all your lead sources into ChakraHQ Sales within minutes

Lead generation with Chakra Forms

  • Conditional and contextual forms embedded at your lead sources
  • OTP and email verification built in-flow
  • Low-touch customer self serves with in-built checkout for faster transactions
  • Add fields to your form, and your CRM automatically updates.

Connecting Lead Sources through API

  • Connect your internal lead sources through API’s and Webhooks
  • Bulk create and edit API’s

Work upon the most important leads, first

Automated Data handling, Lead Qualification and Prioritisation 

Deduplication & Junk Handling

  • Set up your logic to identify handle junk and duplicate leads
  • Merge duplicate leads as they come, or at a set cadence
  • Junk and DNC lists within the CRM to help early identification

Lead Qualification and Opportunity Assessment

  • Serviceability checks
  • MQL, SQL and PQL definitions and pipelines
  • Lead verification and qualification logics for every lead source

Lead Scoring and Prioritization

  • Auto prioritize the order in which you want your leads to be attended
  • Dynamic reprioritization based on the latest interactions with the lead

Custom automated workflows as your sales backbone

Configure your Sales SOP as a product for your sales specialists

Auto-allocation of leads to specialists

  • Define and assign skills to your sales agents – language, product, customer buckets etc.
  • Match your leads to the right specialists, real-time
  • Optimize use of agent capacity, for maximum sales.

Customized, adaptive sales cadences

  • Rule based adaptive sales activities based on the latest interaction
  • Automate sales cadences with follow ups, reminders and much more

Native High Velocity Sales Enablers

  • One-click calling with the telephony provider of your choice
  • SMS, Email integration, WhatsApp built in
  • Cost estimators, quotations generators and product catalogues

Onboarding, Checkout and Service Scheduling

  • Onboarding journeys for every customer segment
  • Order generation an communication within the workflow
  • Fulfilment scheduling and dispatching