Sell Fast, Sell More with Chakra Sales CRM

Sales and Onboarding on autopilot with ChakraHQ Sales
  • Your sales processes orchestrated as workflows
  • Sell faster by migrating your team to Chakra Sales
  • Do more with your existing resources

Why ChakraHQ?

ChakraHQ Sales is your Game Changer

Traditional CRMs do not meet the needs of the modern enterprise - 

Chakra offers a neat, clutter-free, and intuitive interface for higher adoption among users. Using flexible customizations teams can tailor the final solution suit to their own needs. Teams can run multiple processes namely sales, marketing automation and support on Chakra Sales CRM to run their business operations efficiently.
Reliable, Real-time lead ingestion into Chakra

Connect all your lead sources into ChakraHQ Sales within minutes

Lead generation with Chakra Forms

  • Conditional and contextual forms embedded at your lead sources
  • OTP and email verification built in-flow
  • Low-touch customer self serves with in-built checkout for faster transactions
  • Add fields to your form, and your CRM automatically updates.

Connecting Lead Sources through API

  • Connect your internal lead sources through API’s and Webhooks
  • Bulk create and edit API’s

Work upon the most important leads, first

Automated Data handling, Lead Qualification and Prioritisation 

Deduplication & Junk Handling

  • Set up your logic to identify handle junk and duplicate leads
  • Merge duplicate leads as they come, or at a set cadence
  • Junk and DNC lists within the CRM to help early identification

Lead Qualification and Opportunity Assessment

  • Serviceability checks
  • MQL, SQL and PQL definitions and pipelines
  • Lead verification and qualification logics for every lead source

Lead Scoring and Prioritization

  • Auto prioritize the order in which you want your leads to be attended
  • Dynamic reprioritization based on the latest interactions with the lead

Custom automated workflows as your sales backbone

Configure your Sales SOP as a product for your sales specialists

Auto-allocation of leads to specialists

  • Define and assign skills to your sales agents – language, product, customer buckets etc.
  • Match your leads to the right specialists, real-time
  • Optimize use of agent capacity, for maximum sales.

Customized, adaptive sales cadences

  • Rule based adaptive sales activities based on the latest interaction
  • Automate sales cadences with follow ups, reminders and much more

Native High Velocity Sales Enablers

  • One-click calling with the telephony provider of your choice
  • SMS, Email integration, WhatsApp built in
  • Cost estimators, quotations generators and product catalogues

Onboarding, Checkout and Service Scheduling

  • Onboarding journeys for every customer segment
  • Order generation an communication within the workflow
  • Fulfilment scheduling and dispatching