Increase your Debt Recovery Rate with Automated Collections Process

Create an end to end digital & automated process value chain for Debt Collections
  • Increase productivity by upto 2.5X & recovery rate by up to 35%
  • Empower tele & field workforce with automated workflows
  • Improve borrower experience significantly making the process dignified

Ready to crush your Collections Quota?​

Create cohort based collections strategy, digital end to end processes and maximise recovery

DC2: One Stop Solution for Debt Collections

One Stop Debt Collections

Customer segments, Communications, Automations

DC2: End to End Automation

End to End Automation

Automated telephony, Rule-based communication framework

DC2: Field Collections App

Field Collections App

Mobile app for Field teams to streamline operations

DC2:Reporting & Data Intelligence

Reporting & Data Intelligence

Standard, Custom reports and actionable insights

DC2: Customer Cohorts

Customer Cohorts

Create customer segments for effective funnel conversion

DC2-Tailor-made Workflows​

Tailor-made Workflows​

Create custom workflows to meet your team's unique needs


Automate your debt collections!

Focus only on what matters the most for you to achieve your collection targets

Create Borrower Segments

  • Create multiple customer segments basis desired input parameters
  • Pivot segments basis Ageing period, Amount, Risk , Geography etc.
  • Automated creation with prioritisation across parameters

Automated Communication Framework for Telephony, email, messages

  • Integrated telephony and auto-dialling feature for tele agents
  • Schedule communication at lifecycle milestones
  • Create Pre-built personalised communication & scripts templated for e-mail/message for different workflows across the process chain

Intelligent Allocations & Automated workflows for seamless operations

  • Qualify, Score & prioritise collection leads basis input parameters
  • Assign collection leads to collection tele agents for communication process; auto allocation to field agents
  • Auto reminders for unsuccessful calls, notification to customers on each action

Field collections on Mobile app for tele and field teams enabling productivity

  • In-built Navigation, customer communication, all actions and workflows within the app
  • Task list, Payment integrations, site visit validations, deposit receipts, capture images & videos
  • Team managers can track routes, tasks execution status and view activity records at customer level

Reports, Dashboards, BI available in real time for team members and managers

  • Standard reports to track collections funnels at conversion at various stages
  • Create custom dashboard for tracking reports at customer, ageing cohort, agent etc.
  • Use filters to create actionable insights and corrective feedback