API Monitoring
For Everyone

Never loose sleep over an API Integration again!

Minimise Unplanned Downtimes

Automate API Monitoring with intelligence

Hassle Free Setup

Hassle Free Setup

Takes about 1 minute to get started

AMW - Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Build your own monitoring workflows

AMW - Integrations


Integrate seamlessly with all your other tools

AMW - Business Rules

Business Rules

Rules to auto-tag, prioritise and manage incoming issues

AMW - Insights & Analytics

Insights and Analytics

See live metrices of your entire monitoring org.

AMW - Access Control

Access Control

Control access at role level

More Features

And Much More

Custom Checks

  • Checks can be based on response body and headers
  • Implement complex logic using our rule builder
  • Write assertions to validate api responses
  • Generate warning level alerts for your team

Introspect Data

Use Jsonata transformations to process api response data into a testable format.Jsonata allows you to query lists, add arbitrary logical checks and common string manipulations. Eliminating the need to write code for complex checks

API Access

All features are API first. Integrate with your existing tools and systems via Chakra's APIs
  • Use APIs to configure and add checks
  • Dynamically silence alerts and disable checks
  • Use webhooks to connect API Checks to your internal system
  • Run checks on-demand to validate releases / usecases