One FinOps cloud suite to run and 
scale your FinTech business

Deliver better value digital offerings for your customers. Launch offerings in days not weeks 


The ChakraHQ FinOps Cloud Advantage

Meet the challenges of a new-age FinTech business with confidence

  • FinTech - Forms

    Get closer to your customer

    Capture intricate customer info through customised forms

  • FinTech - Digital workflows

    SOP's as Digital Workflows

    Digitize and automate workflows across your organization

  • FinTech - RBAC

    Collaboration made simple

    Connect your teams together, do away with information silos

  • FinTech - Audit Logs and Security

    Security and Compliance

    Ensure safe, secure and compliant operations across your org

  • FinTech - Build New

    Be ready for the future

    Focus on innovation that drives your business

  • FinTech - Scale

    Scale with ease

    Launch new offerings, scale existing products

An end-to-end suite to manage your digital finance business

Lead Generation and Management

- Unify your business sources, streamline the top of the funnel
- Score and prioritise your prospects and business opportunities
- Enable complete customer checkout through automated customer-self serve

Sales CRM

- Telesales suite with predefined workflows, designed to deliver effective conversions, consistently
- On-field sales app on mobile and web clients to cut through the clutter and drive efficient sales
- Built-in CRM, customer communications and pre-sales helpdesk

On - Field Service Operations

- Easy, action-oriented onboarding, physical/e-KYC and loan disbursal workflows
- Geo-location based validations, tracking and reports for on-field performance measurement
- Customer self-serves to facilitate quicker turnaround and reduce operational overhead

Loan Origination System

- Make lending operations agile with supreme automation in lead onboarding and credit check
- Identify new product insights, launch experimental products and grow with ease
- Lending lifecycle management, automated reconciliation and debt collection initiation

Debt Collections and Accounts-Receivable Management

- Automated debt collections and AR management workflow initiation
- Create borrower segments, optimize for risk and make collections fast
- Preset defaulter communications, automated foreclosure and legal processes