Building FinTech Offerings
Has Never Been Simpler

Build powerful digital offerings for your customers. Launch offerings in days not weeks 


Financial Infrastructure

Build with best-in-class infrastructure for the most difficult problems in FinTech

FinTech - Launch New Products

Launch New Products

Compose relevant services together to create new products

FinTech - Mobile Native

Mobile Native

Empower field teams and orchestrate in real-time

FinTech - Self-Serve Customers

Self-Serve Customers

Allow customers to interact with you directly

FinTech - Productized SOPs

Productized SOPs

Simplify agent tasks with products that enforce your SOP

FinTech - Legacy Integrations

Legacy Integrations

Integrate with existing systems through our APIs and SDKs

FinTech - Platform Security

Platform Security

Security is baked in at the platform level


FinTech - Challenges

Meet the challenges of a new-age FinTech business with confidence.

Competing With Huge Brands

Competing With Huge Brands

Offering discounted versions of existing products & services

Do not fight a pricing war. Differentiate with products & services instead

Beat competition with large bundled offerings

Solve niche pain points of customers with targeted featureset

Build a large sales and ground team

Stay nimble and automate as many of your processes as possible

Information Silos

Information Silos

Solve every problem with a different tool

Unified platform strategy needed for a seamless experience

Use Data Warehousing to solve information asymmetry

All transactional systems should link up with a single System Of Record

Implement microservice architecture as a digital strategy

Build modular services around a core platform

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Secure services and infrastructure post deployment

Chose services that have already adopted security best practices

Put everything behind centralized gateways and firewalls

In a multi-channel multi-touch-point world, everything from clients to servers need security policies

Build compliance workflows on top of data warehouses

Compliance should be agile and linked directly to transactional systems


FinTech Solutions

Automation solutions tailor-made for FinTech Businesses

  • FinTech - Solution - Fin-Tech Sales Automation

    Fin-Tech Sales Automation

    Sales suite for all Fin-Tech teams

  • FinTech - Solution - CRM


    360 deg CRM solution for Fin-Tech

  • FinTech - Solution - Customer Support Solution

    Customer Support Solution

    Omnichannel support made for Fin-Tech

  • FinTech - Solution - FinTech Operations

    FinTech Operations

    Intelligent fulfilment for FinTech

  • FinTech - Solution - Fin-Tech KYC

    Fin-Tech KYC

    Self-serve and agent assisted KYC for all your customers

  • FinTech - Solution - Debt Collection

    Debt Collection

    Debt collection automation for all your products