Focus On Your 
Brand. Let Tech
Handle Itself

Chakra’s platform provides the digital plumbing for your business – allowing you to focus on your customers


Streamline Your Processes

The easiest way to streamline your backend systems without investment in engineering

E-Commerce - Omnichannel Integration

Omnichannel Integration

Allow customers to reach backend teams with ease

E-Commerce - Mobile Native

Mobile Native

Empower field teams and orchestrate in real-time

E-Commerce - Self-Serve Customers

Self-Serve Customers

Create mini-apps for processes like returns or replacements

E-Commerce - System Of Record

System Of Record

Store everything from customer data to inventory

E-Commerce - Storefront Integrations

Storefront Integrations

Integrate with your existing systems through our APIs & SDKs

E-Commerce - Automate Processes

Automate Processes

Automate everything from engagement to logistics


ECommerce - Challenges

Meet the challenges of a new-age ECommerce business with confidence

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Reactively deal with bad customer experiences

Empower Customers by providing visibility and auto-redressal

Send out periodic and generic offers

Personalise customer outreach with context and proper classification

Do periodic surveys and customer reachouts

Allow your team to service your customer with context – when the customer reaches out to you

Staying Agile

Adapt To Changing Consumer Landscape

Build a new process around every product category

Build flexible processes to deal with changing nature of what you sell

Dealing with multiple software vendors & partners across your stack

Minimise number of stakeholders for quicker TAT on changes

Scale teams to deal with growth or seasonal surges

Use productivity tools and automation to leverage existing team

Information Silos

Information Silos

Solve every problem with a different tool

Unified platform strategy needed for a seamless experience

Use Data Warehousing to solve information asymmetry

All transactional systems should link up with a single System Of Record

Implement microservice architecture as a digital strategy

Build modular services around a core platform


ECommerce Solutions

Automation solutions tailor-made for E-Commerce Businesses

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Omnichannel Support

    Omnichannel Support

    Support Solution that integrates with your store

  • ECommerce - Solutions - CRM


    360 deg CRM solution for ECommerce

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Inventory & Order Management

    Inventory & Order Management

    Custom made for ECommerce

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Fulfilment


    Handle Delivery, Returns & Replacements

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Service Cloud

    Service Cloud

    Offer and manage complimentary services

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Debt Collection

    Debt Collection

    Debt collection automation for all your products