Focus On Your 
Brand. Let Tech
Handle Itself

Chakra’s platform provides the digital plumbing for your business – allowing you to focus on your customers


Streamline Your Processes

The easiest way to streamline your backend systems without investment in engineering

E-Commerce - Omnichannel Integration

Omnichannel Integration

Allow customers to reach backend teams with ease

E-Commerce - Mobile Native

Mobile Native

Empower field teams and orchestrate in real-time

E-Commerce - Self-Serve Customers

Self-Serve Customers

Create mini-apps for processes like returns or replacements

E-Commerce - System Of Record

System Of Record

Store everything from customer data to inventory

E-Commerce - Storefront Integrations

Storefront Integrations

Integrate with your existing systems through our APIs & SDKs

E-Commerce - Automate Processes

Automate Processes

Automate everything from engagement to logistics


ECommerce - Challenges

Meet the challenges of a new-age ECommerce business with confidence


ECommerce Solutions

Automation solutions tailor-made for E-Commerce Businesses

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Omnichannel Support

    Omnichannel Support

    Support Solution that integrates with your store

  • ECommerce - Solutions - CRM


    360 deg CRM solution for ECommerce

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Inventory & Order Management

    Inventory & Order Management

    Custom made for ECommerce

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Fulfilment


    Handle Delivery, Returns & Replacements

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Service Cloud

    Service Cloud

    Offer and manage complimentary services

  • ECommerce - Solutions - Debt Collection

    Debt Collection

    Debt collection automation for all your products